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It’s no longer enough to be a CPA. We have to reach beyond past expectations of technical knowledge in order to succeed in this new, global, technology-driven environment. We must cultivate our core competencies (“soft skills” or business skills like leadership, critical thinking and decision making) that transcend the profession and set us apart from colleagues, elevate us within our firms, and make us stand out to clients. The CPA Excellence A Quick Start Guide to Defining and Mastering Vital Skills for Success is a handbook that contains frameworks, charts and graphics in a step-by-step approach for both individuals and CPA firm human resource managers to progress through and master the core competencies. Named a Top Read for 2015 by Accounting Today and endorsed by CPAs and profession thought leaders alike, this book helps you move from knowing to implementing.

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About the Author
CPA Center of Excellence® advisor David Griffiths, Ph.D., is a popular international speaker, advisor and founder of K3-Cubed, Ltd. (K3). He is based in the United Kingdom and holds a Ph.D. in knowledge management and an MS in the management of training and development. Griffiths is an award-winning writer and has been widely published in professional journals, with his practice-focused work on talent management and development, learning design and knowledge management.

“This book is chock full of practical information and checklists for competencies often overlooked. I highly recommend it for every CPA interested in furthering their own development, and that of their organization.” – Judy Hissong, President, Nesso Strategies