CPA Excellence: Ethics Course

What it is

How it works

The course has seven levels, each containing a mix of relevant Ethics content. You’ll explore stories, videos, scenarios and case studies, then use your own experiences to share your ethical positions. Further, you can review comments from your colleagues and learn even more from other users as you go.

No rush

You have 90 days to complete the course, so you can start and stop as needed and spend more time on the topics that interest you most.

A professional bonus for course completion

In addition to the completion certificate, you will earn a digital Ethics badge for your professional portfolio. Register today!

Want to take a peek? Download this PDF for a tour of our online interactive Ethics course — and see for yourself how easy the courses are to use. 

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Dig in to topics such as:

  • Why good people do bad things
  • The fraud triangle
  • Technical issues on an inventory deadline – what would you do?
  • Then, see what everyone else would do.
  • What happens when your leaders don’t get LinkedIn
  • Millennials vs. Gen X vs. Baby Boomers: Who’s more ethical?
  • How the INCPAS Ethics Committee can help you
  • Videos, podcasts, case studies, articles… you won’t get bored.

“It's the best ethics course I have ever taken. I plan to purchase it for my entire staff.” — Steve Eichenberger, CPA, CGMA, BCBG Partners, LLP

“In this type of course, you don’t just learn from the content — you learn from each other, which I don’t think is typical of a lot of the online courses and even classroom courses.”