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What is the Insight Toolkit?

Insight is an intuitive assessment tool of the CPA core competencies that can be used by individuals, firms, organizations or students for personnel evaluations, personal career development, client engagement reviews and project evaluations.

Create a 360° assessment by first rating yourself then inviting others to do the same, in order to get a true portrait of your competency level:

• Start a learning and professional development journal to improve your competencies.
• Receive learning recommendations for the specific competencies you need work on.
• Utilize a mentoring aspect to further your growth.
• Continue the cycle — such as by project or by year — to ensure you are building on your strengths and improving on your weaknesses.


Register for the Insight Toolkit for just $30 a year

This is for individuals to rate themselves and be rated on their core competencies. From new staff members to senior staff or partners – anyone can track their assessments, accomplishments and improvements at any point in (and throughout) their career. Insight works great for firms, finance and accounting departments and larger organizations. Email for group packages.

This tool was developed specifically for CPAs using the CPA core competencies and their descriptors as a guide. The descriptors — which attribute measurable behaviors to the core competencies such as leadership, critical thinking and communication — are only available through the CPA Center of Excellence.

Also known as “multi-rater feedback,” these anonymous rankings on set skills from supervisors, employees, colleagues, peers and clients can help you identify what soft skills you can work on to advance your career. This is the gold standard for HR assessments and helps you identify blind spots or skill weaknesses that could be limiting you as a professional or firm.

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Customize Insight to fit your organization’s competency map

Does your CPA firm, not-for-profit or organization have their own defined competencies and standards you need to measure? Contact us for information on customizing Insight and creating a private platform for your firm or organization. Work with us to develop your own competency assessment, have a place where mentors and HR directors can help team members discuss career path plans, develop a library of learning recommendations fit to your culture, and use the online forum environment for your internal conversations. Use the same high-quality, impactful strategies brought to you by the CPA Center of Excellence, with your own competencies and culture. Use this system as a recruiting tool and tell all potential hires that at your organization, career planning and development is a high priority, and you have the system already built to guide them along the way.