This week’s recommended readings on innovation, management, and communication.


Actor and comedian Kumail Nanjiani discusses his transition between careers, risk-taking, and his thoughts on the phrase “grilled to perfection.”


Phil Libin, CEO and creator of Evernote turned venture capitalist, stresses not to just dream about an innovation, but instead to make it happen.


Communication is critical to the office environment, but is often overlooked. This article examines three signs of bad communication in the workplace. CPAs, how well does your work communication environment match these characteristics?


There is an increasing generation gap in the modern workforce, and CEOs have to adapt to managing five different generations of workers. How can today’s business leaders cope with this increasing generational diversity?


Facebook has a unique hiring process in looking for the perfect candidate. Our favorite part: recruiting for lifelong learners.


Want to learn more about digital and open badges from the educator’s perspective? Listen to this episode of the Moonshot Edu podcast from education disruptor Bernard Bull.

Episode 22 – What are Open Badges and Why Do They Matter?



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