This week’s recommended reading on innovation, leadership, recruitment, and entrepreneurship. 

For any business to be successful, having a great workplace culture is essential. One key area for culture lies with a strong emphasis on innovation and creativity. CPAs, how can your workplace environment help foster these values?


John Minnich discusses his role as the CFO at the Concordia Educational Association, and how his CPA designation helped him play as both a leader and trusted business advisor. What are some roles your CPA designation makes YOU?


During Tax Season, CPAs need to be ready for any challenge that comes their way. Read on to find out how you can be prepared:


CPAs, are you making sure that new hires have the right “soft skills” to succeed in the workplace?


Strategic thinkers add tremendous value to any company or organization. Here are a few ways to find out if any of your job candidates have these qualities:


As CPAs, we have a lot to learn from entrepreneurs. How can we adopt some of their qualities into our own professional development?



At the CPA Center of Excellence®, we help CPAs and service professionals with stay ahead of change and in front of innovation. Look for our recommended reads on topics like critical thinking and non-technical skills, the future of work, innovation, talent management, leadership, and the changing role of the CPA each Wednesday.


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