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The CPA Center of Excellence® is the home for CPAs and service professionals with an excellence mindset. We specialize in developing vital business skills and high-impact talent management and human resources practices for professional service providers, especially CPAs. We know that today's top CPAs are already technical experts: we're here to guide them to higher level success in the areas of skills like critical thinking, communications, leadership and decision-making. Whether you are just starting out in your career, you manage the people at your firm, or your a lone CPA inside a larger organization, we are here to help you pursue excellence, built on a foundation of competency-based learning and collaboration.

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CPAs Want More Online Learning and Non-Technical Skills Training

CPAs Want More Online Learning and Non-Technical Skills Training

February 18, 2016

The CPA Center of Excellence® recently conducted a survey of nearly 700 Indiana CPAs to gauge their learning preferences and the skills they need to enhance. The results further validate the growing need for online, interactive competency-based learning, soft skills assessment and development, and collaboration — the foundation on which the CPA Center of Excellence® … Read More

Three Tactical Steps to Destroy Information Overload and Become Infomagical

Three Tactical Steps to Destroy Information Overload and Become Infomagical

February 16, 2016

Learn for me. Not for them. This is my new information mantra. It’s what I declared after cutting my feelings of burnout in half and learning how to learn despite a busy schedule and daily distractions. Keep reading, and I’ll tell you how to in three steps.  This sounds clickbait-y, but it’s true. What better … Read More

Your staff has no value. Unless …

Your staff has no value. Unless …

February 2, 2016

That’s right, your staff has no value.  Unless … You know this to be true.  It has been true for decades.  And seasoned professionals talk about it just about all the time.  But, it seems more important today than ever.  More important because of the complex world that we are all operating in.  Because of … Read More

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